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Our eDiscovery Solutions

Our key eDiscovery Services include Litigation Project Management, ECA & ESI Processing, Hosting and Analytics.

We also offer a range of Managed Services, featuring Technology Assisted Review on the highly advanced Viewpoint review platform. Our fully customizable Managed Review services deliver cost savings and process improvements. And, with our custom SightManager® platform, you can manage off-site reviews securely and efficiently from anywhere.

In addition, we provide Litigation Services such as Information Governance and Forensics Analysis & Acquisition. Finally, with our Trial Consulting solutions, you can take advantage of our Document Production services, as well as our partnerships with Alderson Court Reporting and Concise Deposition Summary Service.

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We have the experience, talent and technology to understand the big picture and quickly pinpoint the key details that can make all the difference.

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Posted March 13, 2015
Prepare your team for the non-legal and legal obstacles encountered during global, cross-border discovery.
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